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This is very important for you people doing the Treasure Hunt.

LNS 2013 Spring Treasure Hunt – LNS Web Ring

I'm participating in the LNS 2013 Spring Treasure Hunt!  How can you play?  
At the end of this blog post is a list of all the blogs participating.  These blogs will have the following picture on their blog:

They will also have a clue on their blog having to do with a Stampin' Up! product. 
For instance – MY CLUE IS GLITTER.  This Stampin' Up! product number's are: Dazzling Diamonds- 102023, Champagne Glass Glitter -120997, and Silver Glass Glitter -120995 – some fabulous bling for your cards, scrapbook pages, or other creative project.

You will need to make note of what the clue is and whose blog it is on.  So for my entry you'd have: 

Glitter; Cynthia Simpson – www.cynthiaspapercrafting.blogspot.com

#1 Visit each blog! 
Since you are stopping by these blogs, be sure to leave a nice comment about their blog, artwork, or ideas.  I hope you have a chance to look at some of my blog entries/pages.  Of course, I'd love for you to subscribe to my blog!
Be sure to note the address or bookmark it or PIN IT! so you can revisit to see
more amazing projects or use some for inspiration. 
Look closely at the cards! You can easily miss details by dismissing items will color combinations outside your comfort zone or images you don't love love love. Stop! Even the most simple projects can get your creative juices flowing. Believe it! TRUTH
Sometimes poor quality images or lighting stop me but then I see something tote-fab that I didn't notice at first glance. This happens to me often. We tend to forget each and every project can be used as a map or layout. You can use those colors together or ribbon like that or stamping technique on your next creation! 
I slowly figured out how to swap out items and/or images I do not own and produce something that may or may not be similar. 
Think about it next time. 
#2 Look for the yellow treasure box
#3 Note the clue and whose blog you are on! or just Pin it to a Late Night Stampers Treasure Hunt Board on Pintrest if your into that. 
#4 Collect FIFTY clues and email me your results to
List each clue AND where you found it and remember to include your own name and address and website/blog/fb page/twitter whatever you're into or nothing if you're laying low. 
Entries will be check and included in the drawing for the grand prize! 
MAY 12TH is the deadline, at midnight. 
Winner announced May FIFTEEN on all blogs in the game! 
Right now we don't have 50 blogs participating but soon we will! 

More blog links will be added to this list as time goes on
check back each week for more 

You have from March 1st until May 12th at Midnight PST to collect the clues.  Contest participants who send in their entries by this time will be entered into a drawing for $150 of Stampin' Up! product.
Ready, set,….go hunting!
Treasure Hunt Participants 2013

Angela Carter                              www.angelasinklink.com
Lisa Kmiec                                   http://lisakmiecstamps.blogspot.com
Jane Hignite                                www.stampwithjane.com
Deborah Smart                             www.stampandcreate.net
Penny Hanuszak                           http://pennytokensstampinspot.blogspot.com
Kimberely Morris                          http://procrastistamper.blogspot.com
Trish Cortez                                www.stampingwherepapercomesalive.com
Beth Robinson                              www.sweetsentimentscrafts.com
Rhonda Gabriele                           www.Rhondalovesstampin.wordpress.com
Jackie Watson                              http://jackielwatson.blogspot.com
Cynthia Millian                             http://StampwithCynthia.blogspot.com
June Reister                                 http://junescreations.blogspot.com
Debbie Broughton                         www.nanastampingroom.com
Joni Metras                                  www.joniinthespotlightstamping.com
Laurie Reaume                             http://stampingwithlaur.blogspot.com
Sherrill Graff                                http://latenitestampinwithsherill.blogspot.com/
Nicole  Tugrul                               http://becreativewithnicole.blogspot.com
Shelly Peck                                   www.stampinandscrappingnews.com
Megin  Gallagher                           http://vmg206.blogspot.com 
Marcee Rodgers                             http://thecraftbinsu.blogspot.com
Karen Philipp                                  www.zgrandmakaren.com
Kris Sobolik                                    http://maddiebugdesigns.blogspot.com
Heidi Weaver                                 http://heidistampinalong.blogspot.com
Carolyn Bennett                              www.carolynstamps.com
Betty-Ann Manghi                            http://stampindemon.blogspot.com
Jan Schoenfeld                                www.getinkywithjan.com
Glenda Mollet                                 http://glendamollet.blogspot.ca
Kat Zariengo                                   http://Katzcreates.wordpress.com      
Katherine Roberts  http://craftinginkc.blogspot.com.
Bev Farmer  www.createwithbev.blogspot.com 
Tanya Stottlemire  www.scramptastic.blogspot.com 
Ligeia Baird http://stampsandinktherapy.blogspot.com 
Carolyn Rakowski www.paperlacencardnook.blogspot.com  
Danielle Calder www.stampenvy.ca
Jaye Catalano http://carmine-crafts.blogspot.com 
Lesley Lendon http://lellyjellys.blogspot.co.uk/ 
Lori Ann Rogers  http://www.victorianview4u.blogspot.ca 
Vanessa A. Terrell www.stampwithvanessa.com  
Dawn Johnson www.stampinwdawn.blogspot.com 
Melissa Banbury www.porchswingcreations.blogspot.com 
Janet Yates www.stampinnerd.blogspot.com 
Cathy Parlitsis www.stampsandscrapbooks.com 
Laura Camacho http://sendajoyfulcard.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html 
Lori Sinden www.loristampsalot.blogspot.com 
Kit Gosha www.keepintouchstampin.com 
Beatriz Redd www.queenbeascraps.blogspot.com 

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